The environment movement must become both more radical and relevant. We cannot continue to grow slowly, lose gracefully and hope that the science is wrong.

Beyond Green will engage and help transform the environment movement in Australia. To do this we accept that:

  • Discrimination, mistreatment and slavery based on financial circumstance are just as wrong as that based on race, gender, sexuality, age and ability. The environment movement will always have limited impact if it fails to demand economic equality - within nation states and internationally.
  • The Earth has ecological limits. We must change our destructive way of living rather than just power it differently. Solar-powered ecocide is not acceptable.  
  • Change doesn’t come through just asking nicely. We have to do what is necessary to remove those in power stopping the urgent transition to a sustainable way of living.

Beyond Green is developing a unique platform to promote and integrate policy development, creative activism and economic transition in Australia. Beyond Green plan to:

  • Broaden the base of the environment movement through promoting rapid transition to economic equality and community wellbeing
  • Introduce innovative and necessary policy into Australian political culture
  • Run creative activist campaigns in Australia that link with our clear policy proposals
  • Empower people to stand up against destructive people and institutions
  • Give people accurate information on the best way they can minimize their impact on the planet

Beyond Green enjoy creative activist campaigns. Our creative media actions have included occupying banks with Zombie Koalas, attempting to dredge Southbank Beach in Brisbane (they closed it before we got there) and the internationally famous legal hacking of our Federal Attorney General. We even released a leaked video of former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman! 

We welcome your input and involvement in our current and future plans. Check us out on social media and please contact us for more information. Cheers!


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